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Welcome to the Brian May Ring Home Page.

A web ring is a collection of web sites about the same subject, every site that is in the ring has the ringlogo and a couple of links on it. The links are stuff like next site, add your site, list all sites, next 5 sites. So any one who is on a website can go to another site from that page as long as those sites are members of the ring, so you understand this will attract more visitors. I'm hoping to get as much Brian May sites in this ring. So don't wait and sign up now!

If your site is already in the ring, you can edit your password, title, URL etc. here:

Site ID:

Rules and Conditions


  • Your site must be Brian May related.
  • It is not allowed too contain material that is illegal and/or is bad publicity for Queen or any of their members.
  • The Brian May ring is allowed too remove any Brian May site or refuse to let sites join the ring.
  • If you have a Queensite and you want too join then put the graphics and links on your Brian May section, biography or whatever you have about him. But don't forget too link to that section. Don't link it to your Queen page but your Brian May section.
  • The HTML code must always be linked to the same URL that we use too link to your site.
  • That's about it really. If you agree go on to step 1 below.



STEP 1: Fill in the form and submit it. ADD YOUR SITE

STEP 2: After you've completed the form in step 1, you'll get an E-mail. The E-mail contains a html fragment that you have to cut and paste to your website. See the E-mail for further instructions.

That's it. Now you just wait until I add you to the ring. I usually update the ring every friday so expect to be added around that time.

Got any problems? Feel free too E-mail me if you need help or if there are any bugs in the HTML code. YES, I NEED HELP!


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