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The C/C++ Ring Home Page


Welcome to the C/C++ Ring Home Page. I'll start by telling you what a Ring is. A (web) Ring is a collection of web site's about the same thing (in this ring it's the C/C++ programming language). Every member of the ring has too put a HTML code on their site which contains links to other site's (next site, next 5, previous etc.) and a logo. This means that everyone can get to another site by just clicking on the link. This also means that your site is very likely too be visited. If you want too join, read the rest of this page.


If you're already a member, than you can edit your site info (URL, title etc.) here.

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If you agree, than go on to step 1.

STEP 1: filling in the form.

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STEP 2: copy the HTML code and paste it on to your page with the correct changes.


STEP 3: E-mail me when you've completed step 1 & 2.

Sidney Richards is a member

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